“I promise to love and cherish you” Reality = GO BURN

Customer care sucks.. Yeah so what’s new? In Kenya this is an accepted daily occurrence of existence. We dream and salivate at stories from the ‘developed’ world on reports of basic service provision, not to mention the idea of actual great service.

Shop & Drop

Well the annoying bit for most people is the amounts that these bringers of torture and pain spend on advertising and marketing to get you. Taglines promising the sweet bliss of a new romance for life. Well these marketing snippets are news to customer care reps at these organisations. They laugh at your naivete, spit at your stupid beliefs. The better who? Your caring partner what? Warranty kitu gani?

Your broken soul is not an issue as they call in Tom from IT to come see the guy who thought ‘It would be delicious to the last drop’ Yup, life as a consumer here is less than pretty.

A sad state of affairs that the reality is NOT marketing as it should be, is NOT branding as it should be and is most certainly NOT customer care. Yes, things have improved in these industries. However, it is not at the rate at which I would expect it to. Maybe if their rise in improvement matched inflation and the cost of living I would be slightly impressed and more forgiving of the callous way in which they treat me the spender.

4 thoughts on ““I promise to love and cherish you” Reality = GO BURN

  1. I think you have analysed the overall scenario beautifully. That said, it leaves me wanting for an answer, a solution,a way of empowerment of the “naive ” consumer so that we end up getting that value back as consumers.

    With regard to advertising, particularly the billboards that are just about everywhere, are of such poor quality. Anyone who has an eye for colour can tell that they are using bulk scale cheap quality prints where for instance you see an orange african,pardon me if I sound racially inclined,its just a literal example. This goes to show that they do actually take us consumers for fools and just want to woo us by keeping their brands in our minds. Its not even for the lack of quality,high resolution prints,it is strictly based on greed so, my point is that how can we expect anything better from the capitalistic scum of society?…

    I have a plan to sensitize us consumers on so many related issues with an aim to building a better and more ethical kenya.a point to consider is the element of corruption and kick back culture…if we can get that oit of the way,we would be way ahead as a nation!

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