Brand Wrap Up 2010

SME’S Top the List

I am an avid member of the narcissistic society, ie, those predisposed to a love of all things internet tech-related. As per kawaida conversations and links shared on Twitter oft-times inspire my blog posts. One such conversation was with Eric Mwiti, Branding Enthusiast and Brother in like minded thoughts.

As we wrap up the new year, what Kenyan brands make an impact on us as far as a good job well done is concerned??? In all honesty my opinion is swayed for Kenyan MSME’s. They have mobilized limited resources in a way that has them trouncing heavy-weights such as the mega ad-spending Safaricom. For example, were we to simply look at the Facebook presence that Mapambo commands over Safaricom, the ‘likes’ and pure love poured on Mapambo’s brand’s page would speak for itself. Mapambo does better than even Tusker (Not sure if official page but seems most likely) on Facebook.

Mapambo my 2010 brand of the Year

So what? This is all online right? Well the truth is online brands face their truest tests of legitimacy and meaning. Online nobody is immune from criticism and it’s a two way conversation- it’s not just a billboard that you can’t interact with. Online you are truly amongst your people. The one’s you claim to care about in your marketing. A brand that is not worth it’s salt online is one that is not a good brand in the actual definition: merging peoples expectations with a positive brand promise/experience. The key to the future is definitely again, online.

So for the 2010 brand of the year, my vote goes to Mapambo. For proving that true meaning is not necessarily created out of huge ad budgets, for showing us how to do it as far as an online presence is concerned. And for embracing innovative and future focused methods to get itself out there. Mapambo rocks because you feel it personally.

So what does 2010’s lesson hold for business? In my opinion, it’s that tomorrow’s businesses need to embrace the business models that Mapambo is employing to create a truly valued brand. The key question being, Sink or Swim?


4 thoughts on “Brand Wrap Up 2010

  1. Hi Nonie,

    Thanks for the kind word.

    And its my prayer that the SMEs realise the power of online brand reputation/strategy which can work wonders for their Return on Brand investments because all that they require is time and not money.

    The sooner the big boys like Safaricom realise it the better otherwise brands like Mapambo will make greater strides come 2011.

    Good day and Happy 2011,


    • Yes indeed brands like Mapambo are a true testament to the value, power, influence and genuine ROI that correct branding can create for business. You’re welcome, keep reading…

  2. Mapambo get it. I see some brands with 100K fans. They post an update and only 4 people comment.Mapambo have like 30K fans and they get lots and lots of likes and comments.

    They are an example of a brand that we didn’t know of but has built itself considerably over the internet.

    Their posts always project such positive energy.

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